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AVR posted:
3 years ago
Let's learn about SNS in AWS.

SNS(Simple notification service):
Notifications are nothing but alerts.

When auto scaling launches a new machine, we need a notification.

In Route 53, failover routing policy, when one region is down, we need notification.

We get notifications quickly with SNS.

Subscribers are nothing but the users/AWS Admins that are responsible for managing infrastructure.

We create a group(Also known as topic)
We add the email addresses of subscribers into the group
The process of adding subscribers to the group is known as a subscription.

Notifications we can receive through
1)Email with normal text
2)Email with JSON script
3)Mobile SMS
4)HTTP/HTTPS requests

We need to create Topics/Subscriptions to receive notifications.

We need to log in and confirm the notification subscription as this is mandatory.
Status- Pending confirmation gets changed to Confirmed once the email validation gets succeeded.

We use SNS mainly with Auto scaling as this is mandatory.
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August 08, 2021, 11:54 AM | 0 Replies