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AVR posted:
3 years ago
Let's learn about Cross-region replication(CRR) which is one of the AWS S3 features.

Why do we need CRR? To avoid network traffic, usually, companies implement CRR.
Example: OTT Platforms like Netflix & Amazon prime movies

Replication is nothing but a duplication.
When we upload objects in one region, they should be available in another region automatically.

The pre-requisite is we need to enable bucket versioning in both the regions for Cross-region replication(CRR)

We need to enable cross-region replication at the source side(1st region)

Go to source bucket - Management - Replication Rules - Create Replication Rule.
Specify Replication Rule Name
Specify Destination bucket where we need the replication
IAM Role - Create a new role (To establish a connection between two regions, we need to have IAM Role in place)

Now the Cross-region replication(CRR) should work as expected.

Upload an object in the source bucket and see if that is coming to the destination bucket automatically(known as replication)
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Posted in: AWS | ID: Q36 |
July 21, 2021, 10:11 AM | 0 Replies