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AVR posted:
3 years ago
Let's learn about Cloud Trial in AWS.

Cloud Trial is an auditing service.

The root user can track all the history from Event history.

Let's say some of the AWS users have deleted s3 buckets, objects & some EC2 instances permanently.

How do we trace the logs like which user has deleted the resources, what were the resources that got deleted & also we need to know the date and time of the deletion?

We can track this information using cloud trial.
All the activities can be tracked by using a cloud trial service in AWS.

Go to CloudTrial - - Event history.
We can see all the records of the events.
Select a particular event; we can get more detailed information.

We can apply filters.
Filter: Resource type Bucket
We can see the events related to the s3 bucket.

We can apply a filter based on the time
We can download the list of events

The only Root users can see the Event history
IAM users will not have access to see the event history
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Posted in: AWS | ID: Q60 |
August 09, 2021, 12:29 PM | 0 Replies